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Antonio Fatigati SPA proudly represents a solid legacy in the wholesale sector, with over 50 years of experience in trading household and personal care products. Founded in the province of Naples by its namesake founder, the company has progressively expanded its presence, becoming a recognized leader both nationally and internationally.

Our history is characterized by constant dedication to providing superior quality products and reliable services. Originally rooted in the province of Naples, we have extended our influence, becoming a reference point in the wholesale sector.

With over five decades of commitment and field experience, Antonio Fatigati SPA continues to offer carefully selected products aimed at enhancing the daily lives of our customers. We are an entity that combines tradition and progress, committed to providing high-quality solutions in a constantly evolving world.

Choosing Antonio Fatigati SPA means relying on a brand with solid roots and a continuous commitment to meeting customer needs. Welcome to a universe of reliability and quality, where our history continues to guide our present and future in the wholesale world.


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Immerse yourself in the distinctive universe of Antonio Fatigati SPA, where diversity is the key to our success. With dozens of distinctive brands, each dedicated to a specific product type and sector, we invite you to discover the quality and innovation that characterize each of our creations. Do you recognize one of our brands? We are here to offer you unique experiences and exceptional products in every category. Enter the world of Antonio Fatigati SPA brands and be inspired by the excellence that sets us apart.

Antonio Fatigati Spa is also the official sponsor of SSC Napoli for the 2023/2024 football season

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