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Our company contributes to building a playroom into the pediatric ward of the S. Salvatore Hospital Aquila in collaboration with the NPO group ABIO

The Antonio Fatigati s.r.l. is an over 50 years company involved in import and export trade of many products of different categories ranging from houseware goods to house cleaning items, personal care, detergents. A range that is currently spread over 20000 references.

The company employs over 50 people. Headquarters is located in Campania, in the industrial district of Arzano near Naples. Other stores, located in the area contribute to a first level logistics organization

The commercial sector relies on an efficient network of representatives who work throughout the country.

Constant attendance at major trade shows such as Macef Milan. In the same way very frequent are the business meetings held at our headquarters.

Also very impressive communication activity that every year sees the company Antonio Fatigati s.r.l.. tested on this important sector and on national TV networks.

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